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ozlenen x
22 January 2007 @ 07:01 pm

Yeah i know, i have been away for a long time from LJ altough it seems like i have just started it. I had my own domain in the beginning of this year so i kinda gave up LJ but unfortunatley my dad's office had been robbed and we got into some financal problems. My domain got suspended and closed after a while. Now he is okay, just refreshed himself and fixed his life but my domain died =D. So, i decided to use LJ back. That's the story let's say.

I so guarantee that i am so far improved than those icons below and i promise i will be making new ones. Also i want to add that i want this LJ to be a resources account too and i will be adding lots of resources that i made along with the icons. From time to time, i will be opening some request posts for you to request goods but now, i feel like writing.

Lots of things happened since the last time i wrote in here as i can see. Well let's start. I started to study like nerds for my classes which is extremly weird because being nerd is something i can't never do, so i became something different like a nerd/rocker/lazy. Yeah, i totaly became the mix of that. I started to get the highest marks, i can do maths very ' well ', (omfg eyes in here), and i can even do all of my homeworks on time. x_x. This had worked for me anyways. Haha, as my mum kept seeing me like that, she started to reward me for all that hardwork and performance i showed. She sent me to vacation with my best friend to a very beautiful place in Turkey.

We went on vacation with my best friend Gozde in somewhere called Sungate. It was a pretty nice place though, i lovvved that and you know me, again, i collected lots of hotties from there, didn't even leave one more guy that i didn't hit on, but i kept some serious thoughts inside either, lol. Because of Criminal Minds, i have been making profiles of everyone i see in the resort, and i was like, " i am a female, age 30-45, i work for 100$, i am blonde, hot and hate to wear panties." lmao, then we all rolled on the floor laughing. The resort was full of russian women, it was like a brothel. Well, it was a nice 4 days in any case. xD.


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ozlenen x
06 July 2006 @ 07:46 pm
26 Catwoman
12 Hellboy

-Comment if taking.
-Host yourself.
-No Editing!
-Credit back to me.

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ozlenen x
04 July 2006 @ 10:30 am
7 Constantine
2 Kate Bosworth 
3 Christina Ricci
3 Misc.

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ozlenen x
24 June 2006 @ 10:16 pm
|| Host yourself
|| Credit back to me ozlenen
|| Textless icons are not bases!

[ 06 ] Cameron Diaz
[ 05 ] Selma Blair
[ 03 ] Emmy Rossum

Celebrities as HP Canons
[ 01 ] Boyd Holbrook as Draco Malfoy
[ 02 ] Unknown model as Cho Chang
[ 04 ] Carly Pope as Bellatrix Black
[ 04 ] Hugh Dancy as Sirius Black
[ 03 ] Keira Knightley as Daphne Greengrass
[ 04 ] Christina Ricci as Pansy Parkinson
[ 03 ] Katie Holmes as Hermione Granger
[ 03 ] Lindsay Lohan as Ginny Weasley


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